Winslow Armstrong


Students will explore a variety of methods of creating monoprints from reductive and additive processes. This exploration will culminate in a final project: a portfolio of 20 prints demonstraing an understanding of a variey of techniques 


Students will create “narrative” paintings using flattened planes of color. They will look at artists who use flat planes of color in their work such as: Henri Mattise, Gail Spaien, Will Barnet, Susan Mata, Alex Katz, and Francoise Gilot

Narrative: something has/will/is happen(ing) within the space depicted in the painting.


Students will create a series of three images that reflect the historical development of a chosen theme (for example: if they were to choose the sport hockey as their theme, they could create three illustrations of how hockey gear has evolved over the years.)


Students will create a repeating pattern inspired by historical wallpaper designs. Students will then carve and print their pattern; creating their own original wallpaper design.

Work by students at Falmouth Middle School

Value Drawings

Students create dramatically lit still life drawings of chosen objects. For the first half of this project, they will work with a traditional graphite pencil on white paper, focusing on building up the shadows of their high contrast drawings. For the second half, the opposite, working with a white charcoal pencil on a black paper with a focus on depicting the highlights.  Understanding VALUE is the key to this lesson.

Work by students at Falmouth Middle School


    What is a Bimulous Night? Watercolor

After reading Elinor Lander Horwitz’s When the Sky is Like Lace (without looking at the illustrations by Barbara Cooney), Students will learn a variety of watercolor techniques.

Using these techniques, they will create their own compositions depicting what they personally think a bimulous night is.

After completing their pieces, students will be shown Cooney’s illustrations to compare and contrast with their own work.

    When the Sky is Like Lace Inspired Collage

Once again looking at Elinor Lander Horwitz’s book, this time with more of an emphasis on Barbara Cooney’s illustrations.
Students will create a collage inspired by one of Cooney’s illustrations from When the Sky is Like Lace, they will have free choice in what illustration they wish to work from.

    Nonsense Poetry

With a departure from Elinor Lander Horowitz’s When the Sky is Like Lace, students will dive further into surrealism and dada.
Students will create their own nonsensical poems inspired by those made by dada artists and in reference to the nonsensical nature of Horwitz’s story.
From these poems, students will create another art piece using either watercolor or collage, or both.